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PANAPAT Healthcare



For over a half century, PANAPAT HEALTHCARE has been recognized for developing,manufacturing and marketing herbal medicines throughout the Thai market Cutting edge Technology is employed to create pharmaceutical-grade products. As confirmation that PANAPAT is dedicated to providing the highest quality and consistency in herbal healthcare, the company has been granted the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. Unit now the practice has only Certified 40 out of 900 Herbal manufacturer companies in Thailand. PANAPAT expects to attain the Asian GMP Certification in 2015.

At PANAPAT, we use the highest quality of herbal extracts to guarantee the best of our products. We have built trust with our customer the same way we produce our products: with SAFETY, QUALITY and EFFICACY.

Today, over 2,000 pharmacies throughout Thailand carry our product, including ones in leading department stores such as; Central, Tesco, Big C, Top supermarket etc.


Leader of natural
health products and services


– Manufacturing and distributing quality products
– Expanding to international markets
– Creating good relationship with business partners and the society


Raw Materials Selection and Storage Process

We carefully select top grade raw materials which must come from a reliable source. The raw materials are examined and sorted carefully to remove impurities and to ensure cleanliness and quality before it is categorized. To sustain the quality of the raw materials they are kept in storage in which the temperature is controlled at a suitable level using Knowledge and expertise accumulated in our plant.

Environment Monitoring System

At PANAPAT, we proactively promote a safe working environment to enhance the efficacy of our product. Every single production batch is strictly monitored to avoid any bacterial contamination that could occur in the production process. The UV sterilizer and 0.001 micron filter together with temperatures higher than the boiling point of water (more than 100 degree Celsius) are used to deactivate viruses and bacteria. We use the AIRLOCK system to not only analyze atmospheric composition, but also detect contaminants.

Product Safety, Quality and Efficacy are our First priority

PANAPAT gives top priority to the product safety offered to our customers as well as quality assurance with a policy of customer satisfaction. We place priority on the various measures required to ensure product efficacy.



With the trustable herbal formulas which have been developed over the decades together with the scientific production and quality control by the cooperation of the herbal medicine specialists and pharmacists, PANAPAT has the capability of producing high quality herbal medicines to pass to the consumers with the highest efficacy. In addition, our company has also made the raw materials and finished products which are analyzed continuously by the Department of Medical Sciences, the government and private University, to ensure that our products truly have SAFETY , QUALITY and EFFICACY